Wall Hanged Board

Monk Surfboard by Swami’s Surf Company. Focussing on the iconic board shapes that defined the modern era of surfing through 50s – 70s.


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It’s more than a table – it plays a central role in the day-to-day interactions of people in two rapidly evolving companies. It has connected craftspeople, suppliers and designers from cities across the North West. These tables embody the inventid approach to design to create functional products that are as responsible as they are beautiful.

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Like Brussels sprouts, the oft misunderstood prickly pair is best just after autumn’s first frost. The fruit is rather unappetizingly called a tuna in Spanish.


The human race is doomed to sink back farther and farther into the primitive night ere again it begins its bloody climb upward to civilization. When we increase and feel the lack of room, we will proceed to kill one another.


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